Magnificent Magnesium

Red Quinoa

Red Quinoa

Magnesium is a frequently overlooked mineral and it can be beneficial when we are feeling fatigued, depressed, or have other ailments.

This is a shame since 68-75% of us are deficient and it is critical to over 300 bodily functions. Yes, you read right, 300 functions! And a lot of them impact our energy level! Supplements are not the best way to get your magnesium since this beauty of a mineral is best utilized by the body if it is absorbed throughout the day instead of once a day.  The fantastic news is that it is easy to get enough magnesium in your diet!  There are many foods that have magnesium and can provide you with your daily requirement.   Whole grains like quinoa, nuts, fruits, dark leafy vegetables are good sources to add in to your diet.  Plus they are loaded with fiber and other nutrients too.

Here is a great article of foods that are high in magnesium to make sure you get your magnificent magnesium!

How about a great recipe high in magnesium?  Here you go!   Tomato Basil pasta





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