Medicinal Tea

Lets talk over tea.

Lets talk over tea.

I am like a kid in a candy store when I go into a tea shop! So many teas to try.  Some are a wonderful beverage and others are medicinal. Go to a natural health food store and walk to the tea section. There are shelves of boxes of teas for different ailments.  Tea has been used for centuries as medicine for healing.

Think about some of the teas your grandma used:

Chamomile to aid sleep.
GInger or peppermint for upset stomach.
Echinacea or rose hips for a cold.
Lemon balm to calm nerves.
Stinging nettle for allergy relief.

For thousands of years humans have used herbs, roots and food as medicine. They used them a variety of ways depending on the correct form for the ailment and herb. This includes tea, poultice, tincture, and in food. But frequently, and even today, tea is a preferred way to get the full benefits of the medicinal herb, and hydrate at the same time. With a little research you will be amazed what herbs or foods can help common ailments.

Tea is a wonderful medicinal and nutritional drink for common ailments. Plus, whats better than a hot cup of tea with honey?  The simple pleasure of making a cup of tea and sitting down to sip tea is a relaxing and nourishing comfort to me, everyday!

Medicinal Tea

Medicinal Tea

For some  inspirational articles on tea:

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