Raw Christmas Carob Mincemeat Pie

Raw Mincemeat

Raw Mincemeat

With the holidays there is always the wonderful but fattening foods that are in front of you at every get together.  How do you avoid those temptations and eat healthy?

The best way I know is to bring something tasty and healthy to a gathering.  Then I know I can enjoy a treat and not overdo it in all the fat, calories and sugars that are lurking everywhere.

One of my favorite Christmas indulgences is the mincemeat pie. I have always loved the rich intense flavors of the fruit and nuts with a big dollop of sweet whipped cream.  Whip up a nut milk cream and you are ready!

Freshly Grated Nutmeg

Freshly Grated Nutmeg

This is why I LOVE this Raw Mincemeat Pie recipe.  All the gorgeous taste of the fruits, and none of the unhealthy fat. The raw ingredients are all healing and because it is raw I am also getting all of the beneficial enzymes. It doesn’t take long to prepare, of course there is no cooking (yay!), and so so yummy.

And if you are a big lover of mincemeat, you don’t have to wait until Christmas to try this recipe!  Whip up a quick cashew cream with a splash of maple syrup and agave and you have a creamy topping to rival whatever those ingredients are in a tub.

Every year when New Years arrives I am one of those who ponders the whole resolution thing.  Most of us want to live healthier and lose weight so the key is to start when the holiday season is here.  Look for recipes that you can change up to healthier version.  Limit or forgo the alcohol spirits and your over indulging tendencies will lesson too.   My little tip or trick before heading out to a party is to whip up a quick and nourishing smoothie.  Then I don’t feel the urge to munch when I arrive and those calorie rich beverages or foods just are not as enticing.

Enjoy the holidays and this heavenly pie, my treat.




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