Animal vs. Plants

I have a big love for animals and have all my life.  Most every kind of animal makes me smile as they are so interesting to watch them communicate and be themselves in their natural environment.

A few years ago I started on a new journey in my diet and lifestyle.  I discovered a plant-based diet and I have loved that this is a natural way to eat as plant are what most of the large animals such as elephants, horses, cows, gorillas, deer, elk eat and they are strong and healthy.

As I began to research and talk about this subject with friends and family I found it to be a rather sensitive topic.  I wanted to know if a plant-based diet was a well balanced diet so I have been doing a lot of reading over the years and I wanted to talk to the experts. So I started a radio program called the Fresh Cafe in 2011 where I talk to the experts about a plant-based diet.  I talk to MD’s, RD’s, pharmacists, athletes, and people who have been living on a plant-based diet for years as I learn from all of them.

Which is healthier?

Which is healthier?

The American diet is loaded with fast foods, processed foods, sugars, oils, meat and diary comprise most of the Standard American Diet.  Saturated fats are primarily found in meat and dairy products.  Fiber and nutrients are low in this diet and a high increase of obesity and diseases are rampant in our culture.

Plants contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and are naturally lower in fats and calories than meat and dairy products.   Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds have all the nutrients that herbivores need.  Except vitamin B12 in trace amounts, which is a bacteria, so it is a good idea to take a supplement.

There is a dark side of the animal industry that is kept from the public is the mistreatment and violence of the animals raised for food. They are a product and there is virtually no protection for the treatment of these animals during their short life in pins or cages.  I encourage people to research this for themselves, watch videos, read books and visit well respected websites.

My life has become dedicated to sharing the benefits of a plant based diet as it is the only diet that is more sustainable for our planet, is healthier for us and is compassionate for the animals.



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