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Green Tea Benefits

Tea With Leaves

Tea With Leaves

Green tea has to be one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on the planet!  I like getting my antioxidants in my favorite jasmine cups of tea everyday.

This tea has been used medicinally for centuries, and only recently have there been scientific studies being conducted.  These studies are showing promise of the green tea benefits. Continue reading


Organic Food Benefits

Organic Leaf

Organic Leaf

Organic or Non-Organic?

This seems to be quite the debate. I know people who will not buy anything but organic if they have a choice, and others that don’t feel its worth the extra money. A lot of people fall in between, picking and choosing based on selection and price.

There are certainly some foods that  buying organic based on their vulnerability to absorb the massive amounts of chemicals used on them.  There are some that are low for absorption (and subsequently ingestion by you) and would be low on the list to purchase organic.  Continue reading

The China Study Book Review

The China Study

The China Study

The China Study is one of the classics on diet. It is a book on nutritional science developed from long-standing studies performed in China for 20 years by Colin Campbell, PhD. Colin noticed that specific regions in China had significantly lower incidences of diseases. These regions were primarily on a vegetarian diet.

When he looked into it further he noticed that the countries that ate a lot of protein in their diet had much higher incidences of certain diseases. The United States was one of them.  He then started a long term health study and this book was one of the results of the study.  Continue reading


Michael Greger, MD is one of my favorite MD doctors on the subject of nutrition.  He studies the thousands of Nutritional Journals every year.  In this short video he explains why plant-based protein is good for humans.  Dr. Greger also lives it by eating a plant-based diet over the past 25 years.

I met Dr. Greger at a Vegfest a couple of years ago in Denver.  I have attended several of his lectures  which are entertaining as he presents the material in a game like format. His work has been showing the direct links to health from what we eat.   Dr. Greger put out the documentary “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death.”  To learn more you can check it out at his website at

When I listen to all the benefits of plant-based foods from Dr. Greger’s short video’s, it confirms for me why being a Veg Nut is a good thing.  We are what we eat which should make us think of what we are putting on our forks every day.  

To a healthy and happy new year,


Magnificent Magnesium

Red Quinoa

Red Quinoa

Magnesium is a frequently overlooked mineral and it can be beneficial when we are feeling fatigued, depressed, or have other ailments.

This is a shame since 68-75% of us are deficient and it is critical to over 300 bodily functions. Yes, you read right, 300 functions! And a lot of them impact our energy level! Continue reading