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Vegans and Beekeeping

beeonthistleThere is a debate among vegans concerning bee products.  Most vegans do not want to promote any exploitation of animals, but hearing of the rapidly declining bee populations leaves us with the question “What can we do to help the bees and which stance do we take?”

It can be quite perplexing for a vegan who subsists primarily on food pollinated by bees.

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Organic Food Benefits

Organic Leaf

Organic Leaf

Organic or Non-Organic?

This seems to be quite the debate. I know people who will not buy anything but organic if they have a choice, and others that don’t feel its worth the extra money. A lot of people fall in between, picking and choosing based on selection and price.

There are certainly some foods that  buying organic based on their vulnerability to absorb the massive amounts of chemicals used on them.  There are some that are low for absorption (and subsequently ingestion by you) and would be low on the list to purchase organic.  Continue reading

Happy, not ho hum, Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

The holidays are upon us.  Each year we can get pulled into feeling the need to get everyone the perfect gift.  However, the commercialism and waste surrounding these holidays often can cause us anxiety and stress to meet the financial expectations that commercialism has drilled into us since childhood. I realized that I had a choice not to buy into it.

The waste is well, HUGE. The marketing, shipping, stocking, manpower, electrical usage (think of how much the electricity costs for those Christmas lights), and transportation costs is just a start. Then the financial strain of not meeting these expectations can cause individual stress and depression.

Here are some ideas to not put think about and tame the commercial side of the holidays and still have joy: Continue reading