Garden & Edibles

Fall harvest of berries.

Fall harvest of berries.

There is something truly special when I can walk out to my backyard and pick fruits, vegetables, herbs and wild greens to make a meal.  I know that I am getting the healthiest, organic foods possible when we take the time to grow some of our own foods.

Fresh foods taste so much better than store bought foods that have been picked early and shipped from someplace far away.  Growing some of our own foods does take some time and patience, but the wait is well worth it, that is a promise.  It is more satisfying when you cultivate a garden and tenderly care for the plants.  And when they reward you with their finished product for the picking, aha, it is shear bliss.

When you grow some of your own foods you are proactively participating in the solution to helping the planet by reducing the waste that goes along with commercial food production. If you don’t have a place to grow some fruits and vegetables a wonderful option is container gardening on a patio, deck or even on the steps to your apartment. You can also look into joining a community garden in your area or start one.  I assure you there are others who would like to work together to produce and harvest some home grown foods.

One of my new favorite things to do is to locate wild edibles.  This includes harvesting in the mountains as well as in my own backyard.  Some wild edibles would be mushrooms, berries, herbs, and even wild greens commonly known as weeds such as the dandelion.

Wild foraging is a wonderful way to obtain nutrition packed foods for free!  I have found purslane, lambs quarters, mallow, plantain, amaranth and dandelion in my own backyard.  Now I make sure my husband doesn’t pull out those “weeds” that I enjoy harvesting in the morning for my daily green smoothie.  And I assure you that my smoothies taste great.

I will be making posts on gardening and foraging for edibles as I head out with my basket and spade. I hope that you will also enjoy the wild side of growing and harvesting some of your own foods.



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