Plant-foods & Raw-foods

fruitaveggiestandFrom a nutrition perspective, plant-based foods are where the nutrients and fiber come from.  Raw foods which are live, enzyme-rich, and have all of the vitamins and minerals the way nature intended.

More and more facts are coming out that meat and dairy products are not as healthy as they have been being touted to be.  The standard American Diet which is loaded with meat and dairy products is causing allergies, obesity and other illnesses not seen in cultures that consume more of a plant-based diet.

A plant-based diet nourishes our body, gives us energy, helps us keep trim, and above all helps to keep our immune system strong to fight the real battles that may present such as pollution, stress, and everyday toxins.

Raw plant based foods have enzymes vital to healthy digestion. What we eat and how we assimilate it in our body is the key to our overall health.  A lot of foods are cooking out these necessary enzymes that are causing our bodies to over work to digest the loads of dead foods (processed) that we are consuming.

I will be posting the research, videos, recipes, plant based diet and ways to add in more raw foods for the veg nut or wannabes.



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