Veg Topics

facebooklike(new)Veg nut is a term I derived from health nut that is about consuming more plant based foods.  I’ve been called a health nut most of my life but over the past few years I now proudly proclaim I am a veg nut!

For many years my family and friends did not understand my diet. They questioned why I was thin (size 6), where I got my protein, and worried that my healthy diet was unhealthy.

A veg nut lifestyle is the perfect choice for me. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of a vegan, compassionate lifestyle.

A few years ago I started a radio program, The Fresh Cafe, to talk to the experts in the field of plant based nutrition.  This was a platform that I could talk with like minded people who study this subject and live it.  I will share the highlights from these great mentors in my blogs.

This work is important because it is about awareness of  the things we have control over such as our shopping choices, how we are treating animals for food, and how we are caring for our one planet. Our choices do make a difference each and every day.

This will be a place to share the stories and lifestyles of the veg nuts that are good examples of living compassionately. Cultivating positive resources helps to give us the vision and mission to be the example that we want to make a difference in the world.  You will find book reviews, podcasts from my radio program, quotes and videos, along with little nuggets of information to inspire.

I am passionate about veg nut living for health,  compassion for all animals, and for the sustainability of our planet.  This site is a way to share ideas, recipes, and research on a veg nut lifestyle.

A warm welcome from this veg nut to you! I hope to see your comments and ideas and hope we can make a difference in our world today. We are what we eat and our choices do affect everything around us.




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