Welcome to the veg nut site.  The term veg nut was created from health nut as I have been learning about the benefits of healthy living through a plant-based diet.   Raw foodists, vegetarians, vegans and anyone tinkering with the idea to join us on the adventure are welcome as this is a great lifestyle to be a part of.

When I discovered that there are so many benefits to a plant based diet, I embraced all of the healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds which has given me a deep sense of making a difference in the world.  It also makes me feel good knowing  that I do not need to harm any animals to sustain my own life.

I realize it is a very personal choice what diet and foods we choose to eat.   It is my goal to bring a healthy and positive perspective to this topic.

Since I decided to become a vegetarian back in my 30’s, I felt relieved as I eliminated the one culprit in my kitchen which was the handling of raw meat. I was always very conscientious about the cross contamination with the preparation of cooking and handling of animal products.  We know that we must cook meat to kill the bacterias that most raw animal products contain that can be harmful for us so eliminating these products has been a relief for me in my kitchen.

DrBarnardjpgWhen I began to learn about dairy another piece of the puzzle fell into place. A piece of cheese can be 70% fat!  Low fat dairy products came out for the weight conscious consumers, but when you remove the fat, they just don’t taste very good.  Dairy products have been found to be difficult to digest and are a high allergy product for a lot of people.  Dr. Neal Barnard shares the research on the casiomorphins also known as caseins which are addicting for people which is why so many people feel they cannot live without cheese.  The casiomorphins were meant for the baby calf to consume to grow big and strong in 6 months.  Do we really need to consume what is meant for baby cows?

There are so many wonderful alternative products to replace the animal products. I found the nut milks such as rice, soy, hemp, almond and coconut milks easily replaced the cow products in my diet.    Alternative mayonnaise, cheeses, ice creams and butter products are found at most health food stores and some are now available at our super markets.  The transition to a plant-based diet was a natural course for me since there are all of these vegan options.

Over the past few years I have studied the benefits of a plant-based diet and I have found that there are some great benefits to consuming more plant foods.  Colin Campbell wrote the China Study which is an excellent read,  Michael Greger MD, gives annual reports of over 5000 nutritional journals each year, John McDougall MD, has written over a dozen books on the subject and Neil Barnard MD, with Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine has several books.   I have had the wonderful opportunity to talk with several of the experts in this field through my radio program, the Fresh Cafe.

The research in this field is out there for all of us to learn about.  I believe the veg nut lifestyle is a great choice for health and well being, compassion for animals and to sustain our planet.


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